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Balla Con Me Slapping Tropical Remix out now!

Summer is coming: My new Single "Balla Con Me" OUT NOW

Cover Caroline Kreutzberger - Balla Con Me

Lyrics written by Caroline Kreutzberger, composed by Daniel Pepl
Produced by Daniel Pepl, published by Fullmax Publishing, 2021
Recorded by Florian Jauker, Audiomanufaktur, 2021
Mixed & mastered by Daniel Pepl

« My song 'Balla Con Me' is about how much I miss being together [with friends and family], and how much I long to finally have a good time together again; to finally dance and laugh again. I want it to give my listeners the feeling of summer and freedom. »

Caroline Kreutzberger, JunE 2021

New Single OUT NOW: Can You Feel The Love

Cover Caroline Kreutzberger - Can You Feel The Love

Lyrics written by Caroline Kreutzberger, Andreas Lechner, composed by Daniel Pepl
Produced by Daniel Pepl, published by Fullmax Publishing, 2021
Recorded by Florian Jauker, Audiomanufaktur, 2020
Mixed & mastered by Daniel Pepl

« Can You Feel The Love» is a song about all the struggles and emotions I went through within the last year“, Caroline says and adds: “Feelings like insecurity, doubt and fear. I realized that it’s very important to face these emotions. It’s the only way to give and receive love and also see the positive sides in these difficult times. »

Caroline Kreutzberger, February 2021

Video of my new Single "Can You Feel The Love"

Video of the new single "Till I'll Fly" released

New album released!

Caroline Kreutzberger

My new album: 14 Songs - 5 languages!

Caroline Kreutzberger

Having travelled a lot in recent years, I have come into contact with many languages and cultures.The beauty of it was - no matter where I have been - we all got along well, because we are basically all the same.

That's why I decided to sing my album in five languages.

Avendo viaggiato molto negli ultimi anni ed essendo venuta in contatto con diverse culture e diverse forme di linguaggio, ho scoperto che indipendentemente dal posto dove ero sempre siamo riusciti a capirci,perché in fondo siamo tutti uguali.

Allora ho deciso di cantare nel mio nuovo Album in 5 lingue diverse. Buon ascolto

Après avoir beaucoup voyagé ces dernières années, je suis entré en contact avec tant de langues et de cultures. La beauté de la chose, c'est que, où que j'étais, nous nous comprenions tous les uns les autres ! Parce que nous sommes tous pareils.

C'est pourquoi j'ai décidé de chanter mon album en 5 langues.

Nachdem ich in den letzten Jahren sehr viel gereist bin, bin ich mit so vielen Sprachen und Kulturen in Berührung gekommen. Das Schöne daran war – egal, wo ich war – wir haben uns alle verstanden! Weil wir im Grunde alle gleich sind.

Darum hab ich mich entschieden, mein Album in 5 Sprachen zu singen. Viel Freude beim Hören.

Po wielu podróżach w ciągu ostatnich kilku lat, zetknąłem się z tak wieloma językami i kulturami. To bylo piękne - nieważne gdzie byłam - wszyscy się rozumieliśmy! Ponieważ zasadniczo wszyscy jesteśmy tacy sami.

Dlatego zdecydowałem się zaśpiewać mój album w 5 językach. Miłego słuchania.

Video of the single "Let's Get Together"

Caroline in WNTV interview and presentation of 4 songs from the new album (in german)

Video of the single "I colori della vita"

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